AG-6 Gunnan

From Atlas
AG-6 Gunnan

Type Revolver grenade launcher
Place of origin Astronea
Service history
In service 2005-present
Used by Astronean Armed Forces
Production history
Designed 1999-2003
Manufacturer ALA Corporation
Unit cost $7,250
Produced 2004-present
Length 778 mm (30.6 in)
Barrel length 300 mm (12 in)

Cartridge 40x46mm grenade
Action Double-action
Rate of fire 18 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 75 m/s (250 ft/s)
Effective range 400 m (440 yd)
Feed system 6-round, revolver-type swing out cylinder
Sights 3.5x collimator sight

The AG-6 Gunnan is a six-shot revolver type grenade launcher, designed for offensive and defensive purposes. It is relatively lightweight, and is usually carried by a single grenadier. With a range of up to 500m, the user is able to output a high volume of fire in a matter of seconds, perforating a target area with direct or indirect fire. It is especially useful against targets in defilade such as trenches, structures and foliage. It has been used successfully by units of the Astronean Expeditionary Force on operations abroad, as well as various Special Forces units. It has proven itself an effective force multiplier.


The AG-6 is a shoulder-fired 40 mm grenade launcher with a six-round spring-driven revolver-style magazine capable of accepting most 40×46mm grenades. The spring-driven cylinder rotates automatically 60° while firing, but it must be wound back up after every reloading.

The main element of the weapon is the frame to which a revolver-style magazine is attached. While shooting the drum is rotated 60 degrees by the springs wounded back up when loading the cartridges into weapon. The magazine is capable of holding 6 rounds. The chamber has a length 140mm, which allows the user to use both combat ammunition and special longer cartridges. The AG-6 can be outfitted with a variety of HE, HEDP, Frag, smoke and less-lethal rounds.

The weapon has a fire selector safety switch just above the rear pistol grip which can be operated from either side. The launcher cannot be accidentally discharged if dropped. The launcher is loaded by releasing the cylinder axis pin and swinging the steel frame away from the cylinder. The rear of the cylinder (including the pistol grip) is unlatched and pivoted counter-clockwise to expose the chambers during reloading. By inserting the fingers into the empty chambers and rotating the aluminium cylinder it is then wound against its driving spring. The grenades are then inserted into the chambers, one-by-one (because the cylinder cannot be removed), the frame closed, and the axis pin re-engaged to lock. When the trigger is pressed a double-action takes place and the firing pin is cocked and released to fire the grenade. Gas pressure on a piston unlocks the cylinder and allows the spring to rotate it until the next chamber is aligned with the firing pin, whereupon the next round can be fired. If a misfire occurs the trigger can be pulled repeatedly

Before loading cartridges, the magazine must be rotated to left or right (Magazine is of Swing-out type cylinder type).

The AG-6 uses a double-action trigger. To prevent accidental engagement and firing, there is an ambidextrous safety selector at the top of pistol grip. As well as coming with a 3.5x magnification collameter sight, the AG-7 is equipped with a Picatinny rail on top of the magazine and three rails surrounding the barrel. It is also equipped with a telescopic buttstock that can be rotated vertically for better weapon handling.