8th Royal Guards Division

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8th Royal Guards Division The Black Army

Unit insignia
Active 1941–1946
Country  Granzery
Branch Royal Guard Army
Type Motorized
Size Division
Engagements Second Great War
Szergei Bajsz

The 8th Royal Guards Division "The Black Army" (8. Királyi Őr Osztaly "Fekete sereg") or 8.k.ő.o. "Fekete sereg" also known as "Prince Corvinus" was one of 21 divisions of the Granzerian Royal Guard Army during the Second Great War. It was the first Royal Guard Division to see combat during Operation Pulsar and was a primarily motorized division which also made extensive use of light tanks and assault guns. It is named for the Granzerian Black Army, a military formation during the 1400s. The 8th was renowned as one of the most brutal fighting formations in the Granzerian Royal Army, however it was destroyed in 1946 during the Battle of TBA in Gorbatov. Szergei Bajsz, the commander of the Division was captured, tried and summarily executed by Gorbatovic forces following it's the destruction.

Operational history[edit]