80th Mechanized Guard Brigade

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80th Mechanized Guard Brigade

Insignia of the brigade
Active 2015–present
Country  Ziridava
Type Mechanized infantry, rapid reaction force
Size 5 Battalions
Part of Ziridava National Guard Command
Garrison/HQ Drevli, Kozelsk
Motto "Arrival in 30 Minutes Guarantee"
Engagements 2021 Kozelsk Conflict

The 80th Mechanized Guard Brigade (Ziridavan: 80-та механизирана гвардейска бригада/80-ta mekhanizirana gvardeĭska brigada) is a Ziridavan national guard unit established in 2015. The brigade is based in Drevli, Kozelsk. Together with the 79th Mechanized Guard Brigade, training of the unit takes place in conformity with Kruppstadt Pact standards, with the help of the Vazandian Spezial-Aufklärungs Regiment and Imperial Republican Army.


  • 80th Mechanized Guard Command, based at Drevli
    • HQ Company
    • 80th National Guard Armoured Battalion
    • 80th National Guard Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion
    • 282nd Mechanized Guard Battalion
    • 543rd Mechanized Guard Battalion
    • 295th Infantry Guard Battalion
    • 588th Infantry Guard Battalion
    • 80th Artillery Guard Battalion
    • 80th Anti Aircraft Artillery Guard Battalion
    • 80th Medical Guard Battalion
    • 80th Anti Tank Guard Company
    • 80th Anti Tank Guard Company
    • 80th Engineer Guard Company
    • 80th Signal Guard Company
    • 80th Support Guard Battalion