20th Armoured Division

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20th Armoured Division

Insignia of the division
Active 1991–present
Country  Ziridava
Type Armoured forces
Part of First Army
Garrison/HQ Bansko
Equipment CAV-10GI Scorpion, BMP-2, 2S1 Karamfil
Engagements 2021 Kozelsk War

The 20th Armoured Division (Ziridavan: 20-та бронирана дивизия) is a Ziridavan armoured unit of the Republic of Ziridava Ground Forces.


  • Division HQ Company
  • 20th Signal Company
  • 955th Military Police Company
  • Division Artillery Command
  • 21st Armoured Brigade, based at Opaka, Gvorod
    • HQ Company
    • 211 Tank Battalion
    • 212 Tank Battalion
    • 646th Mechanized Infantry Battalion
    • 140th Self Propelled Artillery Battalion
    • 21st Engineer Company
    • 21st Signal Company
    • 21st Support Battalion
  • 23rd Armoured Brigade, based at Krepcha, Gvorod
    • HQ Company
    • 21st Tank Battalion
    • 24th Tank Battalion
    • 644th Mechanized Infantry Battalion
    • 138th Self Propelled Artillery Battalion
    • 23rd Engineer Company
    • 23rd Signal Company
    • 23rd Support Battalion
  • 25th Armoured Brigade, based at Razgrad, Gvorod
    • HQ Company
    • 22nd Tank Battalion
    • 25th Tank Battalion
    • 645th Mechanized Infantry Battalion
    • 139th Self Propelled Artillery Battalion
    • 25th Engineer Company
    • 25th Signal Company
    • 25th Support Battalion