1st International Group

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1st International Group

Insignia of the 1er Groupe International
Active 1 January 2016
Country  Odentia
Type Permanent ad hoc formation
Role Rapid response
Humanitarian aid
Size ~2,300
Motto Sur les Ailes de la Paix
Cambrian: On the Wings of Peace

The 1st International Group (French: 1er Groupe International) is an Odentian military unit tasked with carrying out peacekeeping, disaster relief, crisis management, and other missions in support of humanitarian rights outside of Odentia's borders. The only large-scale unit that has intentionally deployed outside of Odentian soil in its history, the unit was ordered formed in October 2015 by the recently-ascended King Mathieu I, and was formally mustered on January 1, 2016.

The unit consists of approximately 2,300 people drawn from all branches of the Odentian military. Although the unit maintains some of its own vehicles, other equipment, such as airlift and sealift vehicles, may be attached to the group as missions dictate. For example, Odentia's Verdoyante-class frigates are often deployed in support of 1GI missions, carrying men, humanitarian aid, medical supplies, and materiel. Membership in the unit is mainly voluntary, with volunteers committing to a two-year enlistment with the unit. Members of the 1GI are entitled to higher pay and seniority and, in the case of foreigners, an expedited path to citizenship. If necessary, non-volunteers qualified to operate necessary vehicles will be ordered attached to the unit.

The unit is a key part of Mathieu I's foreign policy, which calls for the use of Odentian resources to resolve humanitarian crises and promote development overseas. The unit is a frequent contributor to OCN humanitarian and peacekeeping missions, and has deployed unilaterally in response to (crisis) (crisis) (crisis). Until 2020, 1GI was the only Odentian military unit to train jointly with units from other countries.

Because of the unit's extensive operational experience compared to other units within the Odentian military, 1GI members, as part of their two-year commitment, spend the last four months of their enlistment training other Odentian forces.