1991 Bloodian invasion of the Sajuz

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Bloodian-Sajuznik War
Part of Cold War

Bloodian tanks in Sataria
Date11 March 1991 – 30 May 1992
(1 year, 2 months, 2 weeks and 5 days)

Decisive Bloodian victory

  • Occupation of the Satarian and Racowie Socialist Council Republics
  • Occupation of Lipnitia until 1994
  • 1992 Congress of Vatena
Supported by:
Sataria Satarian National Army
Supported by:


  • 300,000 Bloodian 1st Attack Group
  • 30,000 Bloodian 2nd Black Guard Detachment
  • 600 Daugavan Volunteer Corps
Total: 330,000


  • 250,000 personnel
  • 15,000 communist volunteers
Total: 265,000
Casualties and losses
15,391 67,901
352,000 civilians killed in Sataria and Lipnitia

During the height of the economic and political crisis from 1980 to 1991 in the Sajuz was boiling over Bloodia invaded the Satarian Socialist Council Republic, starting with a bombing campaign all over Sataria and parts of western Lipnitia. The bombing campaign virtually wiped out half the Sajuz Air Forces and the Bloodian National Land Forces entered Sataria, eventually occupying the entire SCR, after the occupation the Bloodian armies occupied Western Lipnitia and then entered a stalemate in western Lipnitia until 1992 when the collapsing communist government sued for peace resulting in the 1992 Congress of Vatena, which resulted in an occupation of western Lipnitia for 2 years to assist in decommunification, Reorganization of the Satarian SCR, reunification of Lubilla and the dissolution of the Sajuz.