1986 FAF World Cup Final

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FAF World Cup Final
Maracanã 2014 g.jpg
The Maracanã Stadium held the match
Event1986 FAF World Cup
Lys won 6–5 on penalties
Date15 July 1986
VenueKaeté Stadium, Guanabara
RefereeCharles Corver (Tenburg)

The 1986 FAF World Cup Final was the final and deciding game of the 1986 FAF World Cup, held in Merala. The match was held at the Kaeté Stadium in Guanabara on 15 July 1986 and had an attendance of 102,100. It was contested by Lys and Gorbatov.




GK 1 Alexandre Guilbert (c)
RB 2 Alexis Colby
CB 13 Lucien De Laet
CB 5 Jean-Christophe Fiat
LB 20 Quentin Ouessant
RM 15 Xavier Monet Substituted off 97'
CM 6 Vadim Ogarkoff
LM 17 Tom Mazaredo Yellow card 4'
AM 8 Morgan Daix Substituted off 69'
AM 9 Romain Gosselin
CF 10 Pascal Chirac
GK 21 Augustin Soucy
DF 12 Guillaume Phaneuf
MF 7 Samuel Jeupesse Substituted in 97'
MF 11 Lillian Vendame
FW 14 Noé Godeau Substituted in 69'
Robert Cherbuliez
GK 1 Anton Chaykov
RB 3 Andrey Ostapchuk
CB 5 Konstantin Maksimovich Yellow card 94'
CB 16 Valeriy Petrovich
LB 4 Ivan Savitsky
CM 12 Oleg Litvinchuk (c)
CM 6 Alexei Domracheva Yellow card 35' Substituted off 60'
AM 10 Aleksandr Petrovsky
AM 11 Nikita Volesky Substituted off 68'
CF 9 Artyom Lukashenko
CF 7 Ivan Novikov
GK 15 Dmitri Petrovich
DF 4 Dima Klimuk
DF 2 Olya Alexeivich
MF 14 Vladimir Rybak Substituted in 60'
FW 13 Maksim Piatrushenka Substituted in 68'
Andrej Matskevich

Bruno Galler (Volgaria)
Bob Valentine (Brytene)

Match rules:

  • 90 minutes
  • 30 minutes of extra-time if necessary
  • To be decided on penalty shootout after extra time if necessary
  • Five substitutes named, of which two may be used