111th Airborne Brigade

The 111th Airborne Brigade (Zolevskoyan: 111-а въздушно-десантна бригада, romanized: 111-a vŭzdushno-desantna brigada), is a brigade-sized formation of light infantry and special forces. An elite unit of the Republic of Zolevskoy Ground Forces, the brigade is also known as the Raider Forces, and members of the unit are nicknamed Raiders.

111th Airborne Brigade

Badge of the 111th Airborne Brigade
Active 1991-Present
Country Zolevskoy
Branch Republic of Zolevskoy Ground Forces
Type Airborne
Role Airborne forces
Amphibious warfare
Mountain warfare
Airborne forces
Personnel recovery
Size 3 regiments
Nickname Raiders
Engagements 2020 Zolev-Ausferilandian War

History edit

Structure edit

  • 111th Airborne Brigade
    • 1st Raider Regiment
      • Seraph Raider Squadron
      • Ispolin Raider Squadron
      • Korvet Raider Squadron
      • 14th Signal Company
    • 2nd Paratroopers Regiment
      • 1st Paratroopers Squadron
      • 2nd Paratroopers Squadron
      • Special Paratroopers Unit
      • 18th Signal Company