Tennish Naval Equipment of the Second Great War

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Tenburg entered the Second Great War in late 1941, and fought alongside the Axis until their surrender in December 1947. The following is a composition of the Tennish Navy (Cabhlach na Deichtír) during the Second Great War:


Type Number Photo Notes
Manannan-class Battleship 4 Manannan class BB.jpg Built from 1931-1934. Saw significant use against Vazandia and Acronia. Retired in 1956, with one being preserved.
Lir-class Battleship 4 Lir class BB.jpg Built from 1910 to 1914. Saw action in both Great Wars. One preserved.


Type Number Photo Notes
Egobail-class Destroyer 31 HNoMS Æger (1936).jpg Built from 1934-1940. Two preserved
Fand-class Destroyer 30 HNoMS Draug (1908).jpg Built from 1917-1922. Retrofitted from 1933-1937. One preserved
Fiannuala-class Destroyer 7 CT Greenhalgh D24.jpg


Type Number Photo Notes
Lí Ban-class Heavy Cruiser 7 Li ban.jpg Example
Danand-class Light Cruiser 12 ARA La Argentina (C-3).jpg Example


Type Number Photo Notes
Banba-class U-Boat 15 Typexxi.jpg Licensed copy of Volgarian (tbd). Two survived into preservation.
Tara-class Submarine 5 Tarasub.jpg Tennish submarine built before licensing of Banba-class. One sunk, others retired and scrapped in 1956.

Mine Ships and Gunboats

Type Number Photo Notes
Cumhall-class Minesweeper 10 Gunboat1.jpg Example
Bodhmall-class Minelayer 12 Gunboat2.jpg Example
Aibell-class Gunboat 18 M1 Irish Motor Torpedo Boat.jpg Example
Canola-class Gunboat 30 Gunboat3.jpg Example