Neustrashim-class corvette

The Neustrashim class, or Project 621 is a class of multipurpose corvettes ordered by the Republic of Ziridava Navy. Construction of the first ship of the class started in 2005. On 2 July 2015, RZNV Dobrovitch was christened and launched, and officially commissioned into the Ziridavan Navy on May 1st 2016.

ORP Ślązak 2015-1.jpg
RZNV Dobrovitch
Class overview
Builders: Ziridava Southern Shipyard, Kamarovo
Operators: Ziridava Republic of Ziridava Navy
Built: 2005-2020
In service: 2016-present
Planned: 4
Building: 2
Completed: 2
Active: 2
General characteristics
Type: Corvette
Displacement: 1,800 tonnes
Length: 95.20 meters
Beam: 13.20 meters
Draught: 3.60 meters
Draft: 2.15 meters
  • 1 × LM2500 gas turbine
  • 2 × MTU diesel engines
Speed: 29.5 kn (55 km/h)
Range: 6,000 km
Complement: 88
Sensors and
processing systems:
SR/N-3810 radar
  • Guns: 1 × Otobreda 76 mm gun, x2 Hitfist OWS 30mm guns
  • Anti surface/ship: SB-07
  • Anti air: RIM-116, PPSD-20NM
  • Torpedoes: MU90 Impact
Aircraft carried: 1 x SH-79 Seagoose


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